Monday 20 May 2024

A Partisan View - Part 1

I've only ever attended the Partizan Wargames Show as part of a demo team, meaning I had very little chance to see the show, other than a quick lunchbreak whizz round. This year, somewhat at the last minute, I decided to see if the planets would align on the parent/carer front, to allow me to take a proper look at the show. Luckily they did and with the all clear to go on the Friday, I began to look forward to a nice day out.

Sunday came and I was awake with the dawn chorus and having braced myself for the journey (literally in the case of my back and knee) I was on the road by 6.00am. The traffic was very light after travelling through some truly beautiful countryside, I reached the showground just after 9.00am. A brief rest and refuel and I joined the queue at about 9.40am, which was already pretty long and was in the show just after 10.00am.

I'll leave my thoughts on the show, what I bought etc for another post, as this one is rather pic heavy (91). I took photos of the games I liked, missed a few but not many, and tried to give an impression of each, as time and space permitted. Apologies if any of the captions are wrong, but some of the games and clubs do not tally with the show guide, but hopefully that will not spoil your viewing! I've added comments as I saw fit.

Forest Outlaws - 1456 Siege of Budapest
Simple and very effective looking game. The bit of play I saw looked like it used the hexes for range, line of sight etc.

Steve Jones - 28mm AWI (Freeman's Farm?)

The Skirmish Wargames Collective - 54mm - 1930's
I just loved this game, which looked superb and naturally attracted lots of attention. So much to see and hard to get good shots as lots of people were playing the game or simply admiring the terrain, figures etc.

Loved the planes which just added to the overall look of the game.

Rubicon Models - 28mm Vietnam - Oscar Mike

Glasgow Wargames Club - 15mm - Breitenfeld 1631
Nice and simple and shows you don't need lots of fancy terrain for putting on a game, so showing a good entry level to our hobby.

Carpet tiles were used and very effective they were too.

Durham Wargames Group - 28mm - The Battle of Fulford Gate

Westbury Wargames - 28mm - Battle of Gabene 316BC

The Yarkshire Gamer - 28mm Italian Wars of Unification - Battle of Mentana 1867
Ken put on a great game here which garned plenty of attention. Nice to have a less gamed period on display.

I loved this raised building with vineyard and want to make something similar for my own games.

North Riding Wargames Club - 28mm Sudan

Barely Legal Wargamers - Battle of Carabobo June 1821 - South American Wars of Independence

WWII. Really nice terrain right across the board.

A railway embankment of some form has been on my 'to-do' list for many a year, but I know it will not look as good as this.

Boondock Sayntes - 28mm Indian Mutiny - The Battle of Unao 1857
Yet another stunning display from these chaps and even better than previous years? Also the game was actually being played, despite lots of people looking at all the details.

Loved this!

The water and ships looked great.

Derby Wargames Society - 28mm - Rome vs Sassanids 3rd Century AD

The buildings really caught my eye on this, although the figures were pretty lovely too.

Very British Civil war Forum - Poking the Polden
As always with the AVBCW chaps, so much quirky and whimsical stuff on show.

The Conquistadors
IIRC the chap said all the terrain, figures and ships were 3D printed.

The ships did look great.

Peter Dennis - 10mm Plexiglass
I can see the attraction of these, but the muted colours and clear acrylic edges don't work for me.

Phil Olley - Eastern Renaissance - 28mm - Action at Akshun - Winner of Best Demo Game
Having seen images on Phil's Blog, it was great to see it in the flesh.

The over sized flags really do work so well and really catch the eye.

1st Corps - 28mm American- Mexican War - Across the Rio Grande

A great looking game for sure, with the added bonus of a very effective backdrop photo to add depth to the table.

AWI - Guildford Court House 1781?

Chesterfield Old Boys - 1/35th WWII Skirmish

Bramley Barn Wargames Club - Rapid Fire ? - WWII

Simon Miller - 28mm ECW- The Relief of Norchester

The Bunker ? - Indiana Jones Style Game
Another one of thos egames with so much to take in.

The Gentleman Pensioners - Sharp Practice - Cape Frontier

War of 1812 ?

Harrogate Wargames Club - 28mm Modern South America

Mid-19thC Europe?

Morris and Chums - 6mm - Trojan War
This looked really effective and again with a nice backdrop.

League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists - Home Guard 1940

Worley Books - Kreigspiel
I just loved this!

John Kersey - 1/72nd - The Battle of El Caney 1898 - Spanish American War

21eme Regiment de Ligne - Soldier

21eme Regiment de Ligne - Officer

Northhampton Battlefield Society


All Hell Let Loose - 6mm - Bloody Omaha
A very impressive layout that was popular with gamers from the off.

Beautifully modelled terrain.

KB Club - Cold War/Modern

Anschluss Wargames - 12mm WWII - Kelly's Heroes Bank Heist
This really caught my eye as it was on a size board I could easily fit in at home and was in 12mm (close enough to 10mm) and packed full of detail and ideas.

I want to have a go at making smiliar fields for my games.

The Friends of General Haig - 10mm - The Battle of Aughrim 1691
These chaps had appeared in a wargames magazine some years ago, so it was lovely to see all the figures in action. All the models are from Pendraken.

Forlorn Hope - Battle Fleet Gothic
Not my thing at all, but the models were superb and big!

Sails of Glory - Napoleonic

A really nicely modelled island and fort.

Central London Wargames Club - Emperor of the Battlefield - Napoleonics
I think these rules are fairly new, as I saw them on sale and lots of people buying them. there was certainly plenty of interest in the game.

So I hoped you enjoyed the photos of the games that piqued my interest. Next up my thought on the show itself.



  1. Excellent report - Lovely pics - Crackin’ games!! A long day out, but looks like it was very rewarding πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. Glad you enjoyed my report Martin! It was a long day, but very enjoyable and I didn't feel knackered when I got home, which is good of course.

  2. Wow! A splendid sensory overload! Superb photos of so many superb layouts. Must have been a fun day out for you. How did the back and knees hold out?

    1. Thanks Jon! It is indeed a sensory overload at the show as will become clear in the follow up post. So many great games, it's hard to take it all in. Looking at the photos there is so much I missed on the tables, as some of them you could spend an hour on easily!

      It was a very enjoyable day out and I'm so glad I made the effort. My back is still very sore, but it had started before the show and driving just makes it worse. The knee is OK and the brace plus cruise control makes a big difference when driving.

  3. Thanks for the photos Steve, I managed to get to the show but only late in the afternoon. Your photos show the splendid games at their best πŸ‘

    1. Thanks Matt! I don't think there was a duff game to be seen, as the quality was consistently good through to outstanding. Other shows it can be rather poor in comparison. I hope you enjoyed you visit and that it might have cooled down a bit by then!

  4. Great set of pictures, thanks for posting Steve.

  5. Excellent batch of pictures and coverage; thanks very much, Steve. One day I'll get there!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it David! It's taken me far too long to go, but now they have a broader range of scales and, this year a very good mix of games, I dare venture there is something for everyone. Well worth the effort:).

    2. I shall look forward to going next year as a distinct possibility! :-)

    3. Fingers crossed you can make it David!

  6. Lovely set of photos Steve. Sorry you have to suffer for your art though!
    My fave has got to be Bloody Omaha. Coincidentally, there’s a new episode out devoted to Omaha on We Have Ways podcast.

    1. Thanks Chris and 'No Pain, No Gain' is my motto;)! Bloody Omaha was certainly popular and no spaces vacant which is a good sign. The other thing I liked was that you could take each terrain section and play that as a stand alone game at home, or as a series of games at say the club, with each section unaware generally of what was happening either side of them.

  7. Looks a great show, thanks for reporting! Clearly not a duff game among them. Skirmish Wargames and Omaha Beach looked amazing, and good to see Anschluss doing a smaller table, still with lots of interest.

    1. You're welcome David and it was indeed a great show. There wasn't a single game that I thought looked out of place, although not all piqued my interest. Good to see more tables and games that one could easily put on at home or at the club.

  8. Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very interesting to see all the different games. The Kriegspiel game looked very interesting.

    1. The Kreigspiel game did look interesting to me, but sadly not many others but the fact that few people were looking at the game.

  10. Enough already with the GORGEOUS GAMES.
    really good stuff.
    I always want these guys who made such awesome stuff to include a pamphlet showing how they made it. πŸ˜€

    1. They were gorgeous for sure Stew! We are certainly very lucky to have a show where the quality of the games is so consistently high. Phil Olley did have a booklet showing how he went about painting his figures etc, but some works in progress shots would be interesting for sure.

  11. Heaps of fantastic looking games there Steve....a great day out well worth the effort of getting to the show! The D Day one is possibly the most visually striking, but there is plenty of close competition!

    1. Most definitely well worth the effort Keith:) The D-Day one certainly caught my eye as it's one of my favourite periods and the sort of game we tried to put on as kids, but failed on almost all counts!

  12. It looks a treat Steve. Sadly it was one I missed, as my daughter and her fiancΓ© were due to move house the following day (so ‘twould have been pushing our luck a tad too far to expect a day out at Newark, lookin’ at toy soldiers ☹️). On the other hand, it will hopefully mean sufficient “brownie points” were earned that we can attend The Other Partizan which is mid-October…πŸ˜‰

    1. It was a nice treat for me on many levels Geoff, as luckily the stars aligned and I had no call on my time either side of the show:).