Saturday 5 July 2014

KR-16 Scenery

Following on from the recent  KR-16 game with Michael of Angel Barracks, it was clear that I really needed to make some specific 6mm scenery to fight over, given that I now had two painted forces. Of late the wonderful Summer weather, work and family commitments and a holiday have meant that I've not had the time, nor the inclation, to do much gaming related stuff.

However, a break in the weather and some free time allowed me to get into the garage today  and start knocking up some terrain items to fight over. Having been inspired by Michael's efforts over the past few years, I've been collecting bits'n'bobs for when I would be able to start making my own scenery. So with the workbench cleared and my stuff to hand, I set about making a start on a few pieces, which can be seen below. They are very much works-in-progress, but hopefully you will get an idea of the thinking behind each one.

As a bit of general background, my terrain will be based on one of the more fertile areas of Komotenmelodie, purely because my terrain board and general scenery is green. Simples. To start with I'm making some Junker settlements with a very eclectic mix of stuff, befitting their name. Alongside this will be some generic pieces that can be used anywhere. Later on I will make a BPI and RDF base as time and inspiration allows. 

The captions will give a bit more detail on each piece and how it was made, hopefully making it easier to follow . 

A 'power station', Junker yurt settlement and 'power substation'.

The 'power station' is 3" x 5", the settlement 6" x 4" and the 'substation' 6" x 6".

The yurts are made from some plastic endcaps with masking tape covering. The 'walls' of the settlement are a mix of metal sheeting, concrete road blocks, wire fencing, stone wall and logs. The entrance gate has barbed wire coiled over the top. Any gaps will be filled by foliage etc to give the compound a lived in feel.

The bases are scrap bits of hardboard with the edges sanded down to help them blend into the gaming table.

The aim is for the compound to look like it has been constructed from salvaged items.

The 'power station' is a piece of electrical equipment that has had a few items added to it to give it more detail and the look of a generating plant.

The walls are 1.0mm ABS sheet, scored and marked to look like metal panels. When painted they will have a weathered look and probably some form of warning on them or posters etc.

The 'power substation' was inspired by Michael finding some plasterbaord rawlplugs that looked like some form of wind turbine. Not having any to hand, these suggested old fashioned ceramic power transformers and as such may be painted in a similar vein.

The wire mesh is some left over brass etchingscut to size that I've had for years, awaiting an opportunity to use them. The corners have been reinforced with styrene rod and a 'gate' added by sticking some ABS strips to suggest hinge points. As with the 'power station', the fence is likely to have some form of warning signs applied to it.

So there you have it. A start has been made and the aim tomorrow is to add grit etc to relevant areas so that I can start priming and painting the three pieces. If time permits i will take some more in-progress shots, if not then the completed pieces..