Tuesday 31 July 2018

Pendraken Painting Competition 2018

Once again it's that time of year for the Pendraken painting competition. Given my painfully slow painting output, it's nice to have a little stimulus to put some time aside for painting. Sadly the recent hot weather meant that it was almost impossible to paint, as it was drying on the brush almost before I got to the model. Luckily a few cool days plus some other models painted earlier in the year meant that I at least had something to enter. so without further ado... 

Bristol F2B painted for use with my Loyal Army of the Severn Valley.

The beast that is the German WWI A7V.

The beast that is the Russian T-35.

British WWI Gun Carrier.

The French WWI Char Saint-Chamond in my favourite WWI camo scheme.

British Inter-War Medium MkII 

British Inter-War Medium MkIII

Some Treemen for use with Dragon Rampant.
Some Orc Shamans for use with Dragon Rampant.

Forlorn Hope for use with 'The Pikemen's Lament'

As always, there are some stunning examples on show in the competition. Frankly some of them beggar belief and it is always a joy to see how well 10mm wargames figures can be painted. No idea how well I'll do, but I enjoy the painting when time, and the weather permit.

I'm hoping to be able to return to the wargames table soon, as a whole host of factors have prevented me getting my toy soldiers out onto the table. So fingers crossed I may actually have something to report in the next week or so...